I´m Elena, the designer and founder of Lemiché. I was born in Moscow (Russia), but now I live with my husband (and unofficial partner in crime, my business endeavour and many other crazy things I do) in the sunny Barcelona on the amazing Mediterranean coast of Spain. Barcelona is such a positive and energizing place that I almost don´t even need my morning coffee here...almost...

Few things I get asked a lot: 

Q: Why Barcelona and how did you end up there?

A: It was actually a conscious goal to move here from Germany, where I used to live and where I met my husband. (And no, he is not German...) Barcelona is the place where all our interests and preferences met - great climate, best food, amazing cultural and international environment, unlimited sources of inspiration and also best craftsmanship expertise in textile industry. Just a wonderful place to live and create!

Q: How did you become a fashion designer? Is it your first career?

A: Fashion was not my first career and it was a very long way towards my true passion. Actually I have a PhD degree in biology and worked over 12 years in scientific research prior to be able to change it to fashion. I also got BA degree in fashion design though, which I obtained while still working in science. There are many reasons why I left science, but lets just say that it was not my true calling. And now I can do what I love every day (and I don´t wait any more for weekends at all)!


Q:  What are the biggest influences in your life and design?

A: My family is probably the biggest influence in my life, but also quite a few awesome tv shows. In design though - I´m madly attracted to almost forgotten traditional crafts, busy and crazy patterns, actually everything unusual and unique. I find it is like a treasure hunting, but better - I love to take something old and crazy (for our time) and make it into something beautiful and inspiring. 

I tend to get random inspirations from some single detail I see, an angle of a shape or fold in a fabric. I am a dreamer by nature, I love reading fictional literature, so I am always trying to fit my dreams and fantasies into a reality. 


Q: What is the main goal you´d like to achieve with Lemiché?

A: The main goal I´d like to achieve by growing my brand is to revive and return the value to the craftsmanship, value for the quality work and fair labor. The cheap mass production done in horrid conditions for workers in poor countries has devalued almost completely the real cost of quality products in the minds of people nowadays. Among other problems, this leads to over-consumption, over-production, as well as extreme pollution and contamination of our planet.

So I want to be completely transparent on how we do what we do, what it costs and why we do it this way. 


Q: What are your favorite places in Barcelona?

A: There are so many, Barcelona is such an amazing place that even after 6 years I keep discovering new cool places and corners. And I´d like to share my finds with you, so I´ve started to compile a Barcelona Life guide right here on our website!


There are many other things to say about me probably...

Like that I love cats, actually animals in general and this is one of the main reasons that I left science - experimentation on animals done in the name of science is revolting and I stand strongly against it. Therefore, I decided to donate part of our proceedings to a charitable organization Cruelty Free International, that fights to stop this unnecessary cruelty towards animals. 

Or that I love moving to new places and learn all about new cultures, traditions and languages (I´m fluent Russian, English, German and Spanish, but I´d love to learn Italian and Japanese next). 

But most of all, I love to meet my customers and get to know them, so if you have a question or just want to say hi - please message me without hesitation!