Our main goal is to do things the right way. To be mindful about consumption and make products of the highest quality. To respect and value people we work with, appreciate the work they do and cherish all the relationships we build within our business.

Here is what we do to achieve these goals: 

  • We create seasonless designs and we do not work on traditional season-based calendar of the fashion industry. This means that we do not have to rush our productions, to over-produce and then have to have clearance sales that increase waste and over-consumption. This also means that if you like a particular piece, you can always come back for more in a different color variation!
  • We strive to source all our materials (apart of traditional fabrics) only locally, including small notions like threads, buttons and labels. All our complementary fabrics are produced within EU, so there´re manufactured under strict regulations assuring the highest quality standards, fair labor conditions and minimum contamination levels.
  • We also sew all our items locally here in Barcelona. The atelier is small, dedicated to high quality small production runs and, therefore, extremely attentive to every tiny detail. A lot of pieces are cut by hand, which significantly minimizes the fabric waste and maximizes quality control.

To summarize, our label was created out of love for beautiful clothing, for timeless pieces that would always be in style. Elegance, effortless design, attention to detail and fun are at the forefront of our vision. It is our hope that by caring deeply every step of the way, we can make and bring our customers a piece of sunny and warm energy to wear.