Secret Thailand

Secret Thailand

Last month our beautiful ambassador Nuria Travelera ( has treated us with a stunning feature of our Silk Kaftan on the colorful Ao Nang beach of Krabi in Thailand. So naturally we immediately wanted to know more about this amazing place.

In the recent years Thailand became one of the most popular vacation destinations and it is very easy to explain why. It is the country where every corner of nature is almost unrealistically beautiful, every town is filled with culture and history, people are friendly and fun-loving, and variety of local cuisine would satisfy even most demanding gourmands.

Nuria Travelera

This is a very spiritual country with colorful and ubiquitous religious devotion. Fortune-bringing shrines, golden Buddhas and gleaming temples decorate even most remote places. Multicolored sacred cloth is wrapped around ancient banyan trees to honour the resident spirits or on the prow of the long-tailed boat to ensure safe journey. Even dashboards are often decorated by garlands to ward off traffic accidents.

Everywhere you turn you will see a lot of colors and the nature itself seem to reflect the beliefs by bringing up the most unbelievable pallete of colors in lake waters, coastlines and marine life, tropical flowers and fruits, mountain slopes and valleys.

Krabi, Thailand

However, due to its recent popularity and regrettable raise in the mass tourism, a lot of locations in Thailand are now heavily overcrowded and degraded from their original state. So if you would like to see and understand this beautiful country,  you better do a little bit research before visiting Thailand and choose to visit such inspiring places as Nuria has shown us - the province of Krabi dotted with surrealistic countless islands on the west coast of the country.

There´re many "hidden" places in Krabi, yet undiscovered by masses. Ao Nang in particular has a secret beach only discoverable at low tide on the farthest right-end of the coast - with caves and rocks creating nice place to relax in a shadow.

And if you´d like even more enjoyable isolation, you can also hop on the boat and go to explore the rarely visited "secret" islands around Krabi. 

Nuria Travelera - Krabi, Thailand

Have a walk around most beautiful Koh Rok double islands and then enjoy some snorkelling chasing sea turtles. If you´re up to more of underwater adventures, you can continue to the stunning reefs between the five islands of Koh Haa.

There are many other islands to explore, but the one of the "secret" ones you´d not want to miss is Koh Jum (southern part) and Koh Pu (northern part). This collection of fishing villages frozen in time did not attract yet much of tourists attention and it is perfect for diving into local slow-paced and incredibly piecefull life. 

Our final find was the most romantic and luxurious paradise island Koh Ngai. There´re limited accommodations and no motor transport at all, so you will feel like you´re on your own luxurious private island wherever you go. Definitely our most favorite pick for the next vacation trip!

Have you ever been to Thailand? What are your favorite spots? Please share with us in the comments below!

And don´t forget to follow Nuria on Instagram and see to which amazing places she is visiting next!


White Silk Kaftan - Lemiché



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