6 Steps to Pack Light Without Leaving Your Style Behind

6 Steps to Pack Light Without Leaving Your Style Behind

Many people like travelling, but no one likes packing. How can you predict what would you need on your long awaited getaway? This PACKING GUIDE is for everyone who likes to travel with style and feel gorgeous every single day without having to pack more than one suitcase...

STEP ONE – Check the Weather Forecast at Your Destination

This might sound as obvious, but in all the rush of finishing up important business before leaving and excitement of coming vacation – it is very easy to forget such simple thing as checking the actual forecast and not just „hope for the average best“.

STEP TWO – Take out Those “Special Pieces“ of Your Wardrobe

Once you know the weather forecast, you can now start selecting the clothes that you are going to stride, dine and party in! You need to feel 100% gorgeous every day of your long-awaited getaway, so take out all of those “special pieces” that you were saving for “special occasion” and that you were hesitating to wear on an ordinary business day. But now will be the time to shine!

STEP THREE (and The Most Important One) Think Outfits and Layers

To know forecast is good, but sometimes we still get surprised with sudden weather changes in an unknown environment. Plus, in a new beautiful place you´d want to go exploring from morning till afternoon and then maybe directly transcend into a nice dinner at sunset or even party at night. So you would need some flexibility with your clothes, but without looking like you are going on a polar expedition. So think “outfits”, not just separates! And try to choose items with maximum possibilities for combinations and layering.

Let´s say, take a light silk top and some light comfy trousers that you can cover with cardigan, shawl or even just plain shirt if you´re chilly on a summer night.

STEP FOUR – Roll instead of Folding

It is proven by experience – rolled up clothes take less space in a suitcase than folded!

Plus, you will avoid creases and use maximum of your suitcase space by stuffing rolls into every corner, don´t forget to use the space inside your shoes and bags too!

STEP FIVE – Don’t Overdo with Accessories

Accessories are important, but you don´t need to take too many. Again, try to take the most versatile ones that you can use with various outfits. Those earrings that go perfect together with that only particular awesome dress – leave those at home! If you don´t want to pay for your luggage overweight and then sweat dragging it along all the way to your hotel.

Same goes for the bags, take two-three maximum, preferably varying in size. Take the biggest with you as a carry-on luggage - this will save you a lot of space in your suitcase.

STEP SIX – Make-up and Toiletries

Make-up, we can´t leave without it… But! You do not need all of your collection on your trip. An investment in a travel rolled-up toiletry bag that you can hang up on a hook is highly recommended! They´re usually of an optimal size, so that when you fill it up – you will take no more and no less of cosmetics and make-up that you´d need for the trip. 


  • Toothbrush
  • Deodorant
  • Moisturizer
  • Sun screen (put it in before everything else!)
  • Make-up remover – wet make-up remover wipes are the best for travels
  • Your preferred type of female care products
  • Don´t forget your basic med kit – headache pills, some cold medication, adsorbents (if you eat something that your stomach doesn´t like) and something like Panthenol to treat unfortunate sun burns, those are the must to have a carefree trip!

    All other stuff like shampoos and shower gels are usually provided in decent hotels, but if you are like me and cannot imagine washing your hair with some unknown generic product – here is the Pro Tip: Go to your cosmetics store and ask if they have travel kits of your favorite brand OR if they have some testers (they usually do!) – and you will have your favorite products in a travel-size package without the hassle of portioning it to some smaller bottles.


    Packing Checklist

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